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About Us


Our mission is to assist families, through innovative techniques, personal attention, insight and resourcefulness, in “sharing fond memories” of someone who has died by planning and creating a meaningful and relevant funeral experience in an atmosphere of elegance, warmth and comfort.

Michael T Daley
Manager – Licence #4534
I am a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania, The Queen’s University of Belfast, and Mercer County Community College. Having grown up in a funeral home I have served in the funeral business in one capacity or another since I was a child. My personal approach to directing funerals is that each one must be a unique as the person who’s life we are celebrating. No two people are alike, and thus no two funerals should ever mirror one another.

Patrick Daley
Manager – Licence #4171
Patrick Daley has been a director since 1995. He is also an investigator with the Gloucester, Salem and Camden Counties Medical Examiner‚s Office. He is a graduate of Villanova University 1990 with a degree in philosophy.

His approach to the business is to bring healing to families friend and communities by helping to define the loss of a person. He wishes to move past the stale single dimensional funeral services of the past by designing dynamic engaging events that engage as many people as possible.

1957 Chevy Hearse
Purchased in 2005 from a collector in New Orleans. We own three hearses but for us this car inspires. Today cars are as bland as most people’s funerals.

This car takes us back to an era when people cared about style. The overall design of the 1957 chevy comes from a Harley Earl design as has only improved in age. Like us, it’s unique.

1959 Chevy El Camino
Purchased in 2008 from a collector in Ohio. We use it as our flower/lead car. Like the 1957 hearse it has a style that has only improved with age.

The fins are amazing. It is also a Harley Earl design, rumored to have been initially created and sketched on a cocktail napkin. Nothing today even comes close.