Alice Fox

Alice Fox

Ronald Reagan said there was nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse. Alice thought the same was true for women: she raised Morgan horses and rode well into her eighties. Her favorite day of the year was the Kentucky Derby. In her youth she was a real-life Annie Oakley, on her high school rifle team (Yeadon High School) and she worked on her marksmanship her whole life through. As a mom she was strict, but with nine kids she had to be. Some moms would say wait ‘til your father gets home; she dished out the punishment AND said wait ‘til your father gets home. But the result was quality children. And everyone was well fed; she joked that she baked a loaf of bread for each kid every day. And much of their other meals came out of her garden; actually, it was more of a field than a garden and everything was canned after harvesting. Alice was a voracious reader, preferring small chapters she could finish in a sitting, usually a couple hundred pages a day. Her favorite author was Louis L’Amour. She painted a bit; animals, barns and landscapes. And sculpted: Alice carved a horse head out of cherry logs and won 1st place and a scholarship to art school. But she found her real calling late in life in her role as a grandmother, passing on a lifetime of knowledge to the grands: she taught them how to farm and drive at young ages and took them to the fairs and the rodeos.

She was blessed with two wonderful husbands, the late Donald Clark and the late Leonard Fox and she is survived by her children: Peg (John) Woessner, Donald (Candy) Clark, William Paul “Billy” (Sheila) Clark, Jane (Rick) Crammer, Julie (Mike) Diehl, Fred (Maritza) Clark, Lee (Kelly) Clark Howard (Heather Clark), and Herb (Andrea) Clark; grandchildren: Amy, Frank, Chris, Amber, Paul, Bill, Suzie, Megan, Jody, Billy, Michelle, Jessica, Alisha, Andrea, Freddy, Kimberly, Cheyanne, Howie, Kyle, Daniela, Hannah; great-grandchildren: Mia, Payton, Sidney, Naomi, Charlie, Cassidy, Kevin, Shelly, Taylor, Marlee, Nicholas, Brooke, Logan, Zachary, Kenzi, Jaicey, Eli, Case, Branson, Serenity, Christian, and Gabrielle. She was predeceased by her grandchildren Violet and Donald.


A memorial service will be held at a later date.

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