Amanda Asti

Amanda Asti

Much like when Ralph Waldo Emerson said “I know of no such unquestionable badge and ensign of a sovereign mind as that of tenacity”, Amanda had an indomitable will. When her back was against the wall, her resilience became unparalleled. During her teen years she thought nothing of balancing three jobs to support herself while simultaneously attaining the requirements to get her GED. One thing was for sure, she’d never take a handout. Fear was simply not in her vocabulary. This was apparent even as a child when she never cowered from even the largest of roller coasters. While this gave her the strength to put 100 percent into everything she did, it often resulted in a bit of reckless driving: her family and friends usually preferred she sit shotgun rather than behind the wheel.

It’s not that her sense of fortitude made her stubborn, she just knew her way was better. Once she had made up her mind, it was rare that she could be convinced otherwise. While giving birth to her daughter she mentioned to the doctor that a c-section should be done. Although the doctor disagreed, after more than 14 hours of labor he came around to seeing it her way. But, her steadfast ways often manifested in her concern for those around her. When the chips were down she was there. Heaven help those who would seek to do harm to those around her: although she was small in size her self-proclaimed “inner-strength” would come to the surface when need be. The same was true during fairer days. Whether it was something small like going to Wawa for her brother when he forgot his lunch, teaching her sister to dance or surprising her father with a grill on Father’s Day her affections always showed through.

Amanda is survived by her daughter, Alexis, to whom she passed her deep blue eyes and a bit of her stubbornness, her parents: Robin and George Gouvernel of Riverside, her brother, Steven Asti of Palmyra and her sisters: Kristen Gouvernel of Florida, Dana Work (Charlie) of Mt. Laurel and Becky Gouvernel (fiancée Timothy Caron) of Riverside. She is also survived by her nieces and nephews: Edwin, CJ, Jacob, Jaxon and Gianna.

Come celebrate Amanda’s 28 strong-willed years (April 1, 1985 – July 11, 2013) Monday from 2-6 PM at the Sweeney Funeral Home 337 Bridgeboro St., Riverside, where the service will be at 6. Interment private. In lieu of flowers memorial gifts may be made to Catholic Charities 801 Burlington Ave., Suite F, Delanco, NJ 08075.

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