Betty Jean Lilienthal

She was a tell it like it is kind of lady, with an eclectic style all her own. Betty was particular about her cars: she bounced back and forth between performance (IROC, 67 Charger, Mustangs 57 Chevy) and luxury (usually a Lincoln Town Car). She even let her son shift the gears from time to time. Strays could be no better than to find their way to Betty’s doorstep. Her favorite cat was named “Babe”, but then of course they were all named “Babe.” She played a little bridge and enjoyed game shows, QVC, Atlantic City and all things Betty Boop, which her father called her when she was young. She had a classic fashion sense and wore the finest perfumes and jewelry. Earlier years found her working for General Motors. Betty was known for her work ethic: regardless of how far away she worked, she always beat everyone else to the parking lot.
Betty was a tough but fair parent to her children, Cheryl Mattis and Joseph McCasland and is survived by her grandchildren: Michele Woods, Lisa Horoff and Amanda McCasland. She was the baby of 4 children and was pre-deceased by her brother, Meritt McCasland and sisters, Elva Konklin Elba Conklin and Patricia Tasnadi.
Family will celebrate 80 great years privately.

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