George Robert Phelps

George Robert Phelps

He’d leave high school and ship out to defeat the Nazi’s. George served all over Europe and the Marshall Islands and made the Navy his first career, retiring after 27 years. It started his journey as a photographer. He took pictures for the military and it became his 2nd career when he returned to civilian life. But, most importantly to him, come any family events he was the guy behind the camera. He may have been a sailor but he certainly didn’t speak like one: George was a gentleman through and through. And he was organized to a fault; a pen and magnifying glass in his pockets and he even invented his own dating system. Though he never graduated high school, his education dwarfed most around him. George was a voracious reader and was always cutting articles out of Readers Digest and updating his Encyclopedia set. He was thrifty dating back to the depression: most things around him had more than one use. If his T.V was on he’d be checking out some old movies or game shows. He was strict as a dad but turned into a softie once his grandkids arrived.
On a blind date he’d meet a pretty girl. Nutptials followed shortly after. George and the late Elsie were blessed with 5 children: the late Kent R. Phelps, Carol A. Buzby (Robert), Roy C. Phelps (Carol), Ruth Creamer (Richard) and Susan Miller (Ralph); grandchildren, Melissa Leon-Guerrero (Kenneth), Sara (Scott) Phelps and Robert T. Buzby; and 4 great grandchildren, Jordan, Elana, Lea Nani and Joshua.
Family will celebrate 94 great years privately.


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