Dessa M. Richardson

Dessa M. Richardson

dessaShe was often described as a kind, quiet, and honest woman; but to those who knew her best she was also the most sassy and outspoken woman you would ever meet. More than anything Dessa (aka Mama Rich or Little Rich) was a devoted wife and a mother to all.
Mama Rich got her nickname because she always welcomed everyone as if they were family. She was a great listener and someone you could trust with all your secrets.

Many were surprised that she was proudly tattooed and had a colorful vocabulary that could make you blush. She loved to laugh and spend time with her family. She enjoyed traveling and would jump at any opportunity to take off on a new adventure. In her lifetime she had visited Germany, Alaska, Bahamas, St Thomas, and the Grand Canyon. Although she would make amazing home cooked meals, Dessa loved to try new restaurants and would say “I love to be waited on!”

Standing at exactly 5 feet tall, she would always say “I just missed the little person cutt-off.” But don’t let her small frame deceive you, she was a retired correctional officer and an expert sharp shooter. She was greatly respected by her fellow officers and inmates at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility.

Dessa recently experienced the loss of her husband of 46 years, Darryl B Richardson Sr. As a teenager Dessa met Darryl at church and described it as love at first sight. Dessa and her husband were inseparable. She always felt that her greatest accomplishment in life were her children, Darryl Jr., Dominique, and daughter in law Rebecca. Although she did not have the joy of being a grandmother, Dessa was proud to watch her children blossom into amazing adults that were driven by the values and morals that she believed; to love and respect others and to live life to the fullest. She is survived by her mother Emma Lomax and siblings Bennie Lomax, Latisha Cooper, Kim Lomax, and Kenneth Lomax.

Come celebrate her amazing life at Sweeney Funeral Home located in Riverside, NJ, on Thursday, December 29th at 11:30AM. Memorial service starting at noon.

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