Frances Eddis

Frances Eddis

Frances bantered along with the best of them, and could have bested Henny Youngman in a battle of one liners. She worked for the Philco Company on the assembly line making T.V.s, soldering iron in her hand, heels on her feet. She retired in 1972 to help raise her granddaughter, Cindi. When Cindi turned 18 she headed back to work, this time at a daycare center corralling 20 two year olds. Retirement found her solving mysteries with Agatha Christie and Perry Mason and tapping her feet to some Elvis Presley.

Her job at Freihofer Baking Co produced more than a paycheck. At a company function she was approached by the best dancer in the house. That dance with the late Francis lasted 35 years and was blessed by 5 children, Ellen Goldblatt and Kathryn Lamina and the late Michael, Anne Frances and Maryanne; 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Come celebrate 88 spry years Saturday from noon at Daley Life Celebration Studio where there will be a service at 1:30pm.

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