James McKnight


Jimmy Mac knew how to hustle. Over the years he did just about everything imaginable to earn a living: owned a bar, did some roofing, worked as a mechanic, owned a body shop, plowed snow. In his youth he was a stilt clown at a carnival but was better known for his antics working the dunk tank. Later years found him doing municipal work for Riverside. He claimed to have coined the phrase “coldest beer in town”. Jim didn’t care for sports, but once bought a Cowboys jacket just to antagonize: though it might seem kind of dangerous his left hook kept him safe. Jim always allowed the neighbors use of his bathroom, “just leave a quarter.” He changed hobbies about as often as he changed his shoes and he jumped into everything whole heartedly. He was into sailing, photography, model trains, drag racing; Jim even bowled for a short time (won the prize for most improved) and bought a banjo. He was always there to lend a hand; Jim almost missed transplant surgery to fix a friend’s truck. He fought hard until the end; when they pulled the plug on Jim three years ago, he woke up, started talking and checked himself out of the hospital.

He was blessed by a 37 year marriage to his wife and designated driver, Ann. He is survived by three children, Robert Feldman (Jill), Shamus and Jaime McKnight; grandchildren, Dylan and Justin Feldman and Kevin Rae; his brother, William and his sister, Rosemarie Gilchrist.

Come celebrate 72 ornery years Monday 5-6:45 p.m. at the Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside and be prepared to tell some stories about Jim at 7p.m.

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