Judith Hillery

(Aug 9, 1940 to Feb 9, 2013)

By the end of the line at Acme Judy would have usually made a few friends. Strangers were just friends she hadn’t met. She was a domestic engineer: Judy painted, sanded, shoveled, mowed, raked, hung Christmas lights, changed storm windows and did just about every imaginable fix it job. Once while she was carrying a mower out of the repair shop her husband was holding the car door open. A passerby asked what Ron was doing. She replied, “Oh him, he’s just for decoration.” Five children and thirteen grandchildren will certainly hone your laundry skills: long before the stain stick, she could get just about anything clean. rnrn It’s important to have some hobbies: Judy knitted afghans and sweaters and bowled. You’d best be careful if she was dealing because Judy was a legitimate card shark. With dogs her philosophy was simple, the bigger the better. She devoured books by the dozen and stored a treasure trove of trivia in her head. She’d regularly destroy the contestants on Jeopardy and crosswords were a cinch; incidentally, Oleo is a substitute for butter. The taste for chocolate might be genetic. Like her mother before her, she loved it. Making the infamous Hershey Cake will always bring back memories of Judy for the next generation. Judy made her way through life singing a happy song, literally: she was regularly seen singing and dancing down the isles of the supermarket. rn Church is important, marriage is forever. A ride on a commuter train would change her life forever. She met a young Ron Hillery. Their 52 years of marriage were blessed with 5 children: son, the late Ron Jr., and daughters, Mary Beth Barnes, Debra Parrelli, Colleen Gaccione, and Megan Hillery. If her girls had a disagreement with someone, so did their mom. Of course when her daughters forgave the offense, so did she. Judy cared for Ron Jr. through his disease and mourned his passing in 1994. She is survived by her sister, Louanne Cassidy.rn Judy’s 72 motherly years were celebrated privately at Daley Life Celebration Studio. Her final resting place is in Illinois.rn –

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