Mabel E. Taylor

“I love you more.” Everyone knew Mabel’s top priority: family was job one. When she walked into a room, you knew a lady had arrived. And she was a spitfire: play “Old Time Rock and Roll” and watch her head off for the dance floor. Easy to spot Mabel’s friends: all their yards sported a chicks and hens cactus. Of course, at her own home her gardens were to perfection and the birds were well fed. Summertime found her packing the family up and heading off to her lake house and no one will ever forget her Oxtail soup, short bread and pound cake. A young Mabel joined the army and learned electronics and worked in the field for much of her life. And, like most of us in the area, she suffered with the Philly teams (she loved Brian Westbrook and Carlos Ruiz) but lived long enough to see her beloved birds win a Superbowl.
Mabel met a guy in an ice cream parlor in Jersey City. She was offended by the late Walter’s off-color joke but he knew she was the one. Their marriage was blessed by two children: Barbara Marian and Walter “Wally” (Judy) Taylor; grandchildren, Amanda, Kristy, Julie, Beth Ann and Kelly and great-grandchildren, Kristin, Jake, Haley, Jay, Karlee, Brandon, Devon and Chase. She is survived by her sister, Marilyn Thompson and many nieces and nephews.

Come celebrate 95 great years Saturday 10-11 a.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside where there will be an 11 a.m. service.