Patty Katula

(1952 - 2014)

She loved to get up early, enjoy a cup of coffee, do some crosswords and meditations. If her T.V. was on Patty would be checking out some Sci Fi, watching a little Ghost Hunters or listening in on Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa. She loved the holidays and decorated to excess: some thought her Christmas tree would fall over from the decorations. She also dressed in all kinds of holiday outfits: if she was wearing St. Patrick’s day socks, she’d wear them on top of her jeans: Patty never let it be a secret that she was festive. Her cooking can best be described as Freestyle. A little of this and a little of that but she never cooked the same way twice. Her friends were lucky to have a friend who worked at Canals. Patty would experiment with drinks for her and her friends, but she was always partial to Wild Turkey and Sailor Jerry. Always on the move, she had a knack for finding sales and bargains: Patty could go a few months without doing laundry. Her taste in music varied from Stevie Wonder to Pink Floyd to Stone Temple Pilots: she swayed like Axl Rose.
Her home was so big in Beverly that she figured she might as well fill it with some kids. She was blessed with 5: the late Daniel O’Connor, Jaime Katula, Thomas Katula and his wife, Cindy, Patrick Katula and his wife, Becky and Joseph Katula. With her 5 grandkids, Anthony, Lana, James, Alex and Nicholas, she did whatever it took to stay close: she painted nails, watched them play basketball, explored nature and blew bubbles. Of course she was always a built in babysitter. She is survived by her siblings, Joey Billingiere, Margaret Billingiere, Michael Billingiere and Joanna Billingiere. Pre-deceased by her brother, Thomas Billingiere.
Come celebrate 62 great years Saturday noon to 1 p.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home, 478 Cooper Street, Beverly where there will be a storytime service at 1 p.m. Donations to the American Cancer Society, ( will be appreciated.

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