Alicia M. Deppe (nee Ahearn)

(July 18, 1959 – October 13, 2013)

Alicia was always a first-rate version of herself rather than a second-rate version of somebody else. She never conformed to anyone’s standards; she did what she wanted, how she wanted and when she wanted. But this was always balanced by her big heart and a tendency to do anything for anyone. As a mother she made sure her daughters knew they could tell her anything, but they also knew she was always the strict one. Regardless, her intent was focused on their proper upbringing. However, when it came to the grandkids, they could get away with just about anything. For many years Alicia worked at Acme in Burlington. In her down time she loved to crochet, do jigsaw puzzles and read just about anything.
As a young woman Alicia was working at McDonald’s when she noticed a regular named Bill whose focus was more on her than it was his lunch. Before long they started their life together and made Delanco their home. Before his passing in 2011 their lives were blessed by their children: Stephanie Wilkins of Delanco and Lori Maeder (Joe) of Cherry Hill and again by their grandchildren: Keighly, Anna, Marissa and Joey. Alicia is also survived by her parents: Fred and Carol Ahearn of Southampton, her siblings: Patrick M. Ahearn of Cream Ridge and Kathleen Ahearn of Southampton.
Alicia’s 54 wonderful years (July 18, 1959 – Oct. 13, 2013) were celebrated privately. –

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