Annette Wills

Annette Wills

For Annette there were no strangers, just friends she hadn’t yet made: she’d talk to just about anyone. She was high energy, especially with her grandkids and thoughtful of others; she collected lots of silly little things just so you’d always have a souvenir to take home. And she was loyal to family to a fault: right or wrong her family was right. Some said she was intensely attentive to her family: others joked she was overbearing. Either way she liked to check in on her kids a couple dozen times a day: and if you didn’t answer her calls, she’d hit you with a barrage of texts. Over the years she had been a waitress at just about every area Diner: Dauphin, Golden Dawn, Golden River. Sure, she needed a paycheck but she would have done it for free: she loved the customers and they loved her. She may have been in her mid-fifties, but her fashion sense was much younger: Annette wouldn’t have looked right in mom clothes. She was the coolest mom and grandmom: they all loved being at her home. And not just them: it was the house for all their friends. They knew it was a safe space no matter what: sometimes sleepovers lasted for years. And she was an unabashed animal lover: a stray could do no better than to find its way to her doorstep. She once even nursed some bats back to health.
Annette is survived by her husband, Michael; her parents, Mildred and Edward Abriola Sr.; her children, Tim (Lauren) Abriola, Andrew (Lauren) Meyrick, Nick Ehrhart, Josh (Charity) Wills and Selina Abriola; her grandchildren, Kirsten, Chase, Zoey, Brooke, Annie, Dallas and Love; her siblings, Kathy Stillings, Regina Houser, Ed Abriola Jr., Ron Stillings, John Convery and Michael DiStefano.
Come celebrate 54 great years Sunday the 17th from 1-4 p.m. at Sweeney Funeral Home.


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