John “Taco” Sturgis

He’d do just about anything for just about anybody, but he’d have to do it on his own terms. If you were moving he was that rare friend who would actually show up to lend a hand. John has a great sense of humor and loved playing with people’s minds. Few knew how smart he was and he enjoyed keeping it that way. He joked that he was a fan of opera, but, truth be told, he was a modern rock guy to the core. He did a little of everything from cutting grass to doing landscaping to roofing.  John served our nation and was stationed in Korea near the demilitarized zone.

He is survived by his siblings, Marlene Bard, Donna Sturgis and Jim Sturgis.

Come celebrate 53 great years Saturday July 6th, 10-noon at Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside where there will be a noon service.