Robert O’Reilly

(Dec 24, 1935 to Feb 18, 2013)

Though he was a man of large proportions, he was always on thernquiet side. At least until he didn’t like something. Then you would hearrnplenty.rn While he wasn’t the strictest parent you’d better not run downrnhis stairs or slam his doors and never ever refer to Geraldine as she:rn”She? Do you mean your mother?”rn At age 15, he figured out the key to being popular in life:rndrive a beer truck. He delivered for many years for Burns Beverage andrnlater for Trinicosta.rn Cookies and L&M Buttercakes were always tops on his list and hernate mashed potatoes almost every day, though he got little sick of themrnin the end.rn He liked to enjoy his grandkids from the comfort of his reclinerrnor toss them out of it when he found them there and was always sure tornspoil all his granddaughters with roses on Valentines Day.rn Recent years found him enjoying a little NCIS and Law and Order,rnwearing his headset, looking like an aviator.rn He was active in the Knights of Columbus for many years, enjoyedrnbattling one armed bandits at the casinos and spent a little timernfishing. He rooted for the Phils and was none too pleased aboutrnresigning Vick.rn A 13 year old Geraldine Abriola was sitting at her house one dayrnwhen a tall, handsome young man followed her brother into the house. Hernalso talked a good game. After a time of dating with chaperones,rnespecially with favorite sister-in-law, Marie Diamond, they were wed.rn Their 57-year marriage was blessed by four children: Robert,rnDeneen Hartman (Raymond), Collen Costello (Christopher), and DaniellernO’Reilly (Jason Mclaughlin); eight grandchildren and eightrngreat-grandchildren. He is also survived by many nieces, nephews andrncousins.rn Come celebrate 77 great years from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday and 9 torn10 a.m. Saturday at Sweeney Funeral Home, Riverside. Mass of ChristianrnBurial will be at 10:30 a.m. at Jesus the Good Shepherd Church, St.rnPeter’s site. Interment will be in St. Peters Cemetery. –

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