Shirley Haskell

Shirley Haskell

Shirley was a force to be reckoned with, never backing down from challenges and refusing to accept the word “no” for an answer; a woman of unwavering determination and feisty spirit.

Born into a life of purpose, Shirley pursued a career in nursing with passion and dedication. Graduating in 1961, she embarked on a remarkable journey as a Registered Nurse, eventually earning her stripes as an Air Force Captain—an old school nurse with a heart of gold and a will of iron. Her nursing career spanned over four decades, from her humble beginnings to her well-deserved retirement in 2003.

Shirley started her nursing career at Conemaugh Hospital in Johnstown, PA. Her quest for knowledge and adventure took her to prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins and Stanford, where she honed her skills and enriched her understanding of the medical profession.

Shirley wanted to travel, so she joined the FAA as a civilian nurse and was stationed at Wake Island. Shirley then joined the Air Force as a first lieutenant and was stationed at March Air Force base in California. Shirley was quickly promoted to Captain. Shirley met the love of her life Lieutenant Malcolm Haskell at March.

In her time with the FAA and the Air Force and later in life, Shirley and then Malcolm traversed the globe, experiencing the wonders of Europe, Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and across the US —a testament to her adventurous spirit and thirst for new experiences.

For 23 years, Shirley served the State of New Jersey as a Regional Staff Nurse specializing in Pediatrics, leaving her mark on the healthcare landscape.

Shirley was the proud mother of her son David- As a devoted “boy mom,” she relished in many activities with her son, especially fishing and crabbing adventures, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Shirley loved dogs and she was proud dog mom to Kasey, Sonja, and Barney.

Shirley reveled in the simple pleasures of life like putting her toes in the sand at the beach. Summers spent at their Ocean City home were treasured moments, filled with family gatherings and boating escapades. In quieter moments, Shirley found solace in her interests, indulging in her love for crime shows.

Shirley found joy and fulfillment in her roles as a wife, mother, and Nana. Married to the love of her life, Malcolm, whom she met while both were serving in the military, their union spanned 54 years—a journey marked by love, companionship, and shared adventures.

She is survived by her husband Malcolm, son David (Jeanine), grandchildren: Danny, Ellie, and Vinny. She was predeceased by her half siblings George, Flornell, Harold, Roy, and Clayton Miller. She is survived by her sister Barbara, nieces and nephews and friends in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

Come celebrate 83 great years on Monday March 25th from 10am-11am at Sweeney Funeral Home, 337 Bridgeboro Street, Riverside NJ, where there will be an 11am service. Interment Brigadier William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery, Wrightstown.


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