Coletta Doelling

Coletta Doelling

She wasn’t the strictest mom; never a need to strike her kids; her mom look got the job done.  Of course, they were always well fed: roast beef, meatloaf, and her famous dry gravy on toast.  During holidays she brought her flock back to her home; everything homemade except the desserts.  Summers were spent having fun at Holiday Lake with her kids and the neighborhood families.  She’d pack her famous egg salad sandwiches along with a jug of boost and made sure everyone waited 45 minutes after eating to swim so they didn’t get a cramp.

Coletta spent close to 40 years working at the A&P and Superfresh supermarkets.  But she found her real calling as a grandmother: her grands called her Nanny.  She attended all of their events, made it to every grandparents’ day and took them to Baptist Church Sunday School Events.  In general, she spoiled them but at the same time taught them the importance of work.  Coletta was always up for a good yard sale (she once bought a dog at one), loved boost and coffee and enjoyed the occasional thrill of a BINGO scratch off.  She doted on her dogs and kept many of the neighborhood strays well fed.  Coletta wasn’t one for T.V save the 6 o’clock news and if she left the area most likely you’d find her on a bus heading to Atlantic City listening to a little Sinatra.

She is survived by her children: Sharon and Frank (Kathy), grandchildren: Jason, Jennifer, and Frankie, great-grandchildren: Gabby, Jason, Celia, and Tayrn.

Come celebrate 89 years, on Monday 9:30 am-11 am at Sweeney Funeral Home Riverside, where there will be an 11 am service. Interment St. Peters Cemetery, Riverside. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to: Burlington County Animal Shelter


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