Michele McGarrigle

Michele McGarrigle

Michele was a source of light to all who knew her. She could put a spark into any room with her quick wit and endless wisdom. She stayed unapologetically true to herself, and always lead with love and compassion. Her unwavering strength and determination in the face of countless adversities made her admirable to all who crossed her path.

Michele grew up and lived most of her life in Pennsauken, yet traveled many roads, both known and unknown, in appreciation of life. Whether viewing the heavens on display at night in the Pine Barrens, ice skating in the Poconos or riding the waves in Wildwood, Michele embraced these special moments and passed their beauty on to those who had the patience to understand it. Michele loved nature in all aspects. She was an avid gardener, was drawn to gemstones and minerals, and always took time to stop and gaze up at the moon to appreciate the “Master Artist”.

Michele met the love of her life, Shaun, while they were both working at Schaevitz Engineering. The two would share a 40-year marriage blessed by two children, Shaun McGarrigle, Jr., and Deven McGarrigle. Michele worked for Pennsauken Township for 20 years, but found her true calling later in life as a grandmother (MiMi) to Josephine Rose McGarrigle. She put Josephine above all else, as she was, and is, her “one and only.”

Music was Michele’s second love, especially live music, as she could always be found at a festival or concert. Moody Blues, Tom Petty, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Clapton, and Yes were among her favorites. She championed the arts, and was a long time supporter of local artists and NPR, especially WXPN. She is survived by her sisters, Suzette (Ronald) Cash and Debra Corgan, along with many nieces, nephews and friends.

Family will celebrate 66 wonderful years privately.


  1. Bette Cornell says:

    I am so very sorry to hear the loss of Michelle.

    I had the privilege of being a close friend to Michelle during our youth, even had the honor of being in her wedding. We shared so many fun times together…on the beach and boardwalk in Wildwood, concerts, or just simply hanging out, listening to music. Unfortunately, it was many years since I had seen Michelle, but she never escaped my mind. One of the last times we spoke to each other, she reminded me of a cotton pod I gave her when we were about 16 years old. It was from Virginia from my grandparent’s farm, and she STILL had it!

    Michelle was a special soul who was indeed a source of light.

    With my Sincere Sympathy,

    Bette Cornell

  2. Elise says:

    To Shaun and your family ,my condolences to you, May the Lord give you strength, in your time of sorrow.

  3. Eileen Mora Wasnock says:

    I will miss my life long friend. You always had me laughing. You were always kind and considerate of others. Your mom and dad were the best and always welcomed me in. We would play together and get in trouble together . You will be forever in my heart.

  4. Shaun McGarrigle says:

    Love you forever shell

  5. Bernie McGarrigle says:

    Michele was truly a remarkable woman, and proved to be a tower of strength, courage, and determination during her long and painful illness. I know that Shaun and the rest of the family are rightfully proud of this wife, mother, grandmother, and sister, who fought the good fight and would not quit. Karen and I will miss her, as will the rest of the family. She loved life and her family, and now, as in the hymn, the angels have led her into paradise, where she waits for the rest of her family and enjoys the just rewards of a life well lived.

  6. Kevin McGarrigle says:

    A lady that was as sweet as she was tuff. We will miss you dearly Michelle, and your candid and ever honest wit. God bless you and your family.
    Love you!

  7. Raymond Maucher says:

    I am so sorry for your lose. Ms McGarigle will be missed, loved and remembered always. I don’t know what to say, she was always a great person to me.

  8. Cindy Borrelli ( Meddings) says:

    Michele & I grew up in Pennsauken & we hung around together in our teenage years! When I got my drivers license I use to pick her up to go to High School every day. There were days we just hung out in her bedroom & listened to music. Lots of great memories going to Wildwood in the summers and just being with great friends! ( she always carried an extra shirt to wear because she wasn’t sure what to wear😂)In 1976 Michele & I flew to Florida to stay with another friend for the summer. We just told our parents we want to get away & see what Fla was like. As the years went on we all married & had kids & lost touch. But some of my best memories are with her! My condolences to her husband & children & all family members. She was a beautiful person!

  9. Greg Wojciechowski says:

    Rest In Peace Michele. The pain and suffering are over Shaun, may you also find peace.

  10. Elfa and Tricia Tool says:

    Such a beautiful soul, so full of life. Our hearts go out to Shaun and their children. May you forever be blessed by all the wonderful memories, love and lessons Michelle graced you with on her short journey on earth. She is with you all in Spirit and continues to love and guide you. Be well and at peace.

  11. Tia Dinh says:

    Michele was a beautiful person. She was incredibly kind, welcoming, and always made me feel so warm. I am so sorry for your family’s loss.

  12. Dominic Vesper says:

    Sorry Aunt Sue. Now Shelly can enjoy a bag of jolly ranchers and a pot of hot coffee with Aunt Rose. (And maybe a meatball!)

  13. Diane Hoopes Hoopes says:

    Shaun and family, I am so sad to hear about Michele! We grew up together with family her parents were my Aunt and Uncle who were always so good to me!! I know you will be missed by many! Rest in peace I will always remember you in my heart! Sending love and prayers for you and your family! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  14. William Jones says:

    Michele, thank you for opening your home to me. You always made sure I had something to eat, some one to talk to, and was always mindful of the things I was going through. You have a great heart, you took care of many people in your neighborhood, even strays like myself. You have an amazing sense of humor which I miss all ready. I thank both you and Shaun for allowing me to be a part of your family. Thank you for all of the love, birthdays, holidays, and dinners. You were always true to yourself, and didn’t judge people for their mistakes/ flaws. You always saw the good in people. Thank you for everything and I will be seeing you again.. I love you..